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Annie E. Coombes & Lotte Hughes 
Managing Heritage, Making Peace 
History, Identity and Memory in Contemporary Kenya

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Cover of Annie E. Coombes & Lotte Hughes: Managing Heritage, Making Peace (ePUB)
Kenya stands at a crossroads in its history and heritage, as the nation celebrates its fiftieth anniversary of independence from Britain in 2013. At this important juncture, what parts of its history, including the Mau Mau uprising, do citizens and state wish to remember and commemorate and what is best forgotten or occluded? What does heritage mean to ordinary Kenyans, and what role does it play in building nationhood and forging peace and reconciliation? Focusing on the 1990s to the present, ‘Managing Heritage, Making Peace’ is a timely exploration of the ways in which Kenyans are engaging with the past in the present, including such local initiatives as the community peace museums movement, local and national monuments and other notable commemorative actions. The authors show how Kenya is facing a continuing crisis over nationhood, heritage, memory and identity, which must be resolved to achieve social cohesion and peace.
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Format EPUB ● Pages 288 ● ISBN 9780755627561 ● Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing ● Published 2019 ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 8108674 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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