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Heidi McNulty 
Buying Time 
A Young Person’s Guide to Building Wealth and Fulfillment


Just months after retiring at the age of 35 and selling her staffing business for seven figures, Heidi Mc Nulty lost her husband to PTSD-related suicide. As the mother of three young children facing a mountain of uncertainty, Mc Nulty was determined to protect all that she had built for her family-and committed to evolving her mindset and values in order to survive.


In Buying Time, Mc Nulty teaches young entrepreneurs the foundational strategies she used to achieve her own financial independence, sharing hard-earned lessons about how financial hygiene can ‘buy time’ when you’re faced with unexpected life crises.


Mc Nulty’s service-oriented approach and easy-to-follow guidelines on investing, budgeting and mentorship will teach you how to:


-Become debt-free while building up savings for future investing

-Grow any kind of business sustainably and profitably

-Build assets that will put cash in your pocket and pay your bills

-Develop your own value by focusing and refining your goals


And much more.


In all, Buying Time is a unique guide to personal finance that prepares young people for life’s unpredictability by focusing on what matters most: investing in their values and embracing a growth mindset for emotional and financial resilience.

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About the author

Heidi Mc Nulty is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker and widowed mother of three children. She is a mentor to young people, emerging real estate investors and startups, and has given guest presentations at Tony Childs’ Pivot Point event, America’s Real Deal and at state-level real estate investor associations. In 2023, Mc Nulty met and married Rob Eastman, the ‘tattooed life coach, ‘ and together they are launching the Village Effect, a revolutionary holistic wellness program offering counseling, family services and life and finance coaching. She lives in Utah with her family. Buying Time is her first book.
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 138 ● ISBN 9781956955941 ● File size 0.4 MB ● Publisher Legacy Launch Pad Publishing ● Published 2024 ● Edition 1 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 9372057 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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