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Franz Liszt 
Life of Chopin 

Chopin was a romantic era Polish composer. ‘Life of Chopin’ is a memoir written in 1852 by composer Franz Liszt who knew Chopin both as man and artist. This memoir gives a unique understanding to the psychological character of the compositions of Chopin. It also offers Liszt’s insight into some of Chopin’s polonaises, especially the grand polonaise in F sharp minor. Liszt explains the strange emotion ‘
ZAL’ which is inclosed in his compositions. Then, presents a brief sketch on the lives of other great people in Chopin’s circle. After that, Liszt discusses Chopin’s fame and early life. Finally, Liszt gives a detailed account on Chopin’s sufferings due to ill health and the unfortunate departure of the great composer.

In summary, ‘Life of Chopin’ is a sympathetic tribute from one great composer for the piano to another.
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