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Joseph Alexander Altsheler 
The Guns of Bull Run 

In ‘The Guns of Bull Run’ by Joseph Alexander Altsheler, the reader is transported back in time to the American Civil War, where the battle at Bull Run takes center stage. Altsheler’s meticulous attention to detail and vivid descriptions bring to life the struggles and sacrifices of both Union and Confederate soldiers. The book is written in a straightforward, yet engaging style, making it accessible to readers of all levels of historical knowledge. Altsheler’s ability to humanize the characters on both sides of the conflict adds depth to the narrative, showing the complexities of war and its lasting impact on those involved. ‘The Guns of Bull Run’ is a timeless classic that contributes to our understanding of the Civil War and its significance in American history. Readers interested in military history and the human experience in times of conflict will find this book both informative and compelling.
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About the author

Joseph Alexander Altsheler (1862–1919) was an American novelist and journalist known for his popular historical fiction aimed at younger readers. Born in Three Springs, Hart County, Kentucky, Altsheler went on to pursue a career in journalism, which paved the way for his eventual success as an author. With a literary career spanning over three decades, Altsheler’s writing is characterized by detailed historical settings, adventurous plots, and a dedication to accuracy in depicting events and the human experiences within them.

His work, ‘The Guns of Bull Run: A Story of the Civil War’s Eve, ‘ is part of his acclaimed series ‘The Civil War Series, ‘ which vividly brings to life the struggle and turmoil of the American Civil War. This novel, like many of his others, centers around young protagonists and combines the excitement of battle with the development of personal character, reflecting Altsheler’s talent for crafting narratives that not only entertain but also provide a thoughtful perspective on the events that shaped the nation. Through his prolific career, Altsheler has become a staple in the canon of American juvenile historical fiction, with a literary style that stands the test of time for its educational value and its capacity to engage the imagination of readers of all ages.
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